Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Optional Rules

These are extras some of our members contributed. You may add them to your challenge experience if you wish.

The Random Heir
Once you know how many children your Sims need to have, Roll a random number between 1 and <Number of Children>. The number rolled will be the number child born (in chronological order) who must be heir.

If playing this rule, you are not allowed under any circumstances to influence any of your children's gender.

Goals For Pets (requires Pets expansion)
These are optional goals are similar to the miscellaneous goals for your sims in section E. These Pet goals are entirely optional, you do not have to roll or choose one just because you have pets in your family. As these are optional rules, you may simply choose one from the list if you feel like giving your pets a goal to achieve, or you may roll for it for than random flavor.

If rolling, roll between 1 and 4.

1. Fulfilled: Similar to the Fulfilled goal for Sims, you must fulfill all the promised wants for every major pet (cats, dogs or horses) you have in this generation. You may not cancel (right click) any wish you have promised, unless the target of the wish is no longer available (i.e. a promised wish to sniff someone who dies before the wish is fulfilled) or cannot be completed due to game errors/weirdness.

2. Perfectionist: Each major pet in this generation must max a skill (hunting for dogs and cats, and choose either Jumping or Racing for horses). Note: This rules requirement has been reduced to simply maxing one skill, as in testing it proved too difficult to achieve the skill challenges as well. But of course you may still strive for that.

3. Fighter: (Cats and Dogs only. Re-roll if you only have Horses for this generation). Choose one of your cats or dogs to be a Fighter for this generation. This pet will have to get in a fight with another animal every week. The fight can be with other pets, in the same household, or strays or neighbor pets, or raccoons. Taking down stalked prey does not count as a fight.

4. Explorer: Your pet likes to explore the world. At least once a week, your chosen pet goes off on his/her own to visit a park or other location to play, hunt, explore or whatever pet things they like to do.

Optional 10 Generation Goals
These are optional goals that would run the full 10 generations of your legacy, something that each generation must contribute to. You may either choose one (or more if you are feeling ambitious) from the list, or you may roll for it as you do the regular goals. Whatever you choose or roll will be in effect for the entire legacy.

If rolling, roll between 1 and 6.

1. Remember the Past- Historians document the famous faces of the past, and your family doesn't want to be forgotten. Create a portrait of each of your 10 heirs and hang them within your house. These portraits can be painted, sculpted, or photographed.

Pet People-
Some people just love animals, and this quality seems to run strong in your Sims. Raise a family of dogs, cats, or horses for 10 generations. (So, have a 10 generation family of dogs, cats, or horses.) Depending on the life span of your Sims and your animal of choice, this goal will not last for all 10 generations of your legacy.

Hall of Fame- Your family's accomplishments are so important that they deserve a house of their very own. Create a museum that catalogs the achievements of your legacy family. For each heir, create one portrait (painting, sculpture, or photograph) and hang it in the museum. Also, display and showcase your heirs' various accomplishments from their high school diplomas to their achievement awards (certificates of level 10 skills and career related trophies). If your heir has created any masterpieces in their line of work or relating to their hobbies, these can also be added to the museum. For example, if your Sim is an author, add a bookshelf to the museum to hold all their novels, or if they were an artist hang up a few of their paintings. Along with their portrait, each heir needs to be somehow represented within the museum. This can be related to your heir's career (as explained earlier) or their hobbies or traits.

The museum must be built on a lot outside your Sim's home. It can be as small or large as you wish, but must be created (or at least started) before your fourth generation takes over. Furthermore, if you decide to move your family to a new town after you've already built the museum, you can either:

A) Take all the objects and portraits from your museum and put them in a new museum in your new neighborhood.

B) Save your museum to the bin and place the entire lot in your new neighborhood.

C) Start a new museum in your new neighborhood and leave all the old memorabilia behind.

Skilled- Perfection is the aim, and skilling is the game. Each of your 10 heirs need to learn and max a different skill unrelated to their careers. For each generation, choose a skill to have your heir focus on in their spare time. These skills can overlap from generation to generation if necessary. So, even if your generation 1 heir chooses to max the charisma skill for example, you are still free to choose that skill for any future generation. Mixing up the different skills is encouraged but not required.

Wish Upon A (Different) Star- Shoot for the stars, or in the case of your family a new star for a new generation. Each of your 10 heirs must fulfill their lifetime wish. Furthermore, each of their wishes must be different than any other heir's lifetime wish.

Real Estate Powerhouse- Your family dreams of owning every building in town. For every generation, your heir must purchase a new property around town. These can be venues or rabbitholes, and you are free to collect money off of them and improve them. Try to relate which building your heir purchases with their personality. A bookworm might buy the library whereas a family oriented Sim might be interested in a playground. A grumpy Sim might want to purchase the graveyard. When you buy venues, try to customize and personalize the property to the tastes of that generation.

As optional goals, failing to meet one of these requirements does not mean you fail the challenge. These are simply ideas to make your legacy a bit more difficult and interesting.


  1. it would be good to have more later.
    for now, im just not gonna roll. (:

  2. Is there going to be a random legacy challenge for the Sims 4?

  3. Not from me. The sims 4 sucks, how the others feel is another question, but unless EA bring in some serious improvements, I won't be playing it.

  4. gonna kill a few hours with this on a sick day XD

  5. Love these rules and have been using them for a while. I'm not sure if you're still updating this, but is there any rules concerning the lottery tickets? I've searched and don't think I saw anything.

  6. Where can I post a link to my Random challenge other than Mod The Sims? Because I'm not actually registered there. But if there isn't any other site I will register. Thank you.

  7. I loved this challenge and started it right away. I rolled couple, 1 child, primary career of science, secondary career of dumpster diver, goal of perfectionist, and fun was homemade. I made a female sim who got a job as a science worker? She has to master the science skill. She found a husband and they got married at 3 am in their pajamas. They had a kid and she is the heir for generation 2!